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Flyboy Universe Comes to Life!
Iron Bloom
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It’s simple, we love making things.

And we know there can be many constraints that hinder inspiration, which is why Figure Plant is on a mission to give life to innovative design concepts through mad respect for creative vision coupled with utmost accountability to timeline and budget. 

We are the bridge between great ideas and the manifestation of them.

Figure Plant is a diverse team of artists and inventors, makers and solvers with an insatiable appetite for taking our clients'​ creative challenges and transforming them into beautiful solutions. From seeding kits to festival environments and experiential installations to hospitality, retail, and work spaces, the Figure Plant team creates a diversity of projects that touch the heart, lift the soul, or put a little fire under it.

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Flyboy Universe project at Figure Plant.

What our fans say

The team was AWESOME. Everything looks great and the client is happy. Your team was very professional and also friendly (a rare find in our industry).
IRL Productions
Jackie Banda
Production Manager
IRL Productions
Working with you guys has been a breath of fresh air… very helpful, and willing to take on the hard work that others will simply pass… definitely made this experience much better for all of us here.
David Abouaf
Lead Designer
You guys are the equivalent of a SEAL team for high end fabrication. You assess my project, plus-out my idea (making me look even better to my clients), go off and fabricate something amazing, and then install with seamless efficiency! You were there... but it's like you were never there.
Jen Shockley
Chris Donatiello Winery
I was blown away by your team. Thanks for delivering magic. I can't wait to work with you again.
Priscila Albro
Sr Event Manager
The project is a success because of your team. From the first interaction, to the last sweep out, everyone has been good natured, hard working, and very precise. Every change has been met with a smile and a "get it done" attitude. I look forward to finding another project we can work on together.
Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn
Studio One-Thousand
This looks exactly like the way I designed it! Thank you very much!
George P Johnson (2019 Dreamforce)
This project has been the highlight of my year. Working with Figure Plant has been terrific.
Shannon Clemence
SVP Global Branding & Store Design
Benefit Cosmetics
The reaction was fantastic! Everyone loves it.
Joshua Walton
LAB Co-Chief
Rockwell Group, for Google.
I do a lot of weird stuff, so having you guys around is a huge boon to my business.
Dan Saelinger
Golf Digest Photographer
Install went well, generating exactly the response we wanted!
Tyler Stonebreaker
Creative Space

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