Our Proven Process: From Concept to Creation

At Figure Plant, our commitment to turning imaginative ideas into tangible excellence is encapsulated in our Proven Process: "Discover, Ideate, Solve, Materialize, Deliver." This process isn't just about achieving results; it's about forging a path from inspiration to physical reality, with a keen emphasis on collaboration, precision, and innovation. Here’s how we turn your vision into reality:

Proven Process Graph with Five Steps to Expert Creative Fabrication and Delivery - 1 Discover, 2 Ideate, 3 Solve, 4 Materialize, 5 Deliver



Understanding the Need
Our introduction begins with a discovery conversation with you to understand your project. What are the hopes and dreams, potential pain points, and desired outcomes. Detailed conversations about location, venue, timeline, budgets, deliverables and more help us to gain a clear understanding of your project in order to offer the best, tailored solution.



Envisioning the Future
Feasibility and Material Possibilities: We kick off with an in-depth consultation with you to understand your vision and outline the project's breadth. This stage is crucial for establishing a collaborative environment conducive to innovative thought exchange. It involves assessing the feasibility of ideas, exploring material possibilities, and framing the fabrication approach, ensuring your vision is precisely captured and achievable.

‍Initial Cost Estimations and Fabrication Strategy: Following the initial discussions, our team spearheads the coordination, leveraging tools that support efficient communication and ideation. The result is a comprehensive project brief that lays the groundwork for the creative journey ahead, complete with initial cost estimations and a proposed fabrication strategy.

Cost and Scope Refinement: With a clear vision in place, our focus shifts to firming up the numbers, clarifying the scope and deliverables, and getting the paperwork in place. With signed agreements in hand, we move forward to Solve.



Engineering the Solution
Project Forecasts: This entails strategic sessions dedicated to creating the roadmap —addressing the technical and practical aspects of bringing the concept to life. These sessions are aimed at fine-tuning design and fabrication details, schedule alignment, and proactive identification and addressing of obstacles and challenges.

Drawings, Samples, and Calculations: Our team adopts agile methodologies to stay adaptable, planning operational tasks such as budgeting, timelines, and resource allocation with precision. The plan is enriched with detailed drawings, samples and prototypes, and rigorous calculations, ensuring the project's feasibility, timeliness, and executional excellence.



Realizing the Vision
Production and Process Reports: As we move into the materialization phase, our focus turns to actualizing the blueprint. This phase is characterized by active production, detailed process reporting, and regular progress check-ins. These meetings serve to monitor development, make necessary adjustments, and uphold the highest quality standards.

Shop Visits and Continuous Communication: Our experienced creative fabricators, project managers, and technicians, equipped with the latest technology and materials, bring the project to life. Operational excellence is maintained through optimized workflows, risk management, and ongoing communication with you, ensuring that the project evolves in real-time according to your feedback and our high standards.



Fulfilling the Promise
Completion, Delivery, and Installation: The culmination of our process is marked by a thorough final review and the careful coordination of delivery and installation, tailored to your schedule and operational needs. This stage is all about exceeding your expectations and ensuring the seamless installation of your vision.

Project Closure and Feedback Integration:
Our project management team ensures a smooth closure, overseeing all aspects of completion, from the post-delivery debrief to gathering your feedback for continuous improvement. This ensures not only that the project is concluded to your satisfaction but also that we learn and evolve for future endeavors.
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