Flyboy Universe Comes to Life!

Iron Bloom
A challenge to translate Brantley's vision and artwork into an immersive experience.

Nevermore Park, the brainchild of Chicago artist Hebru Brantley, provided our team with an inspired challenge to translate Brantley's vision and artwork into a 3-dimensional, immersive, walk-through experience that creates a narrative true to Flyboy Universe, Flyboy and Lil’ Mama characters – while delivering a compelling experience for everyone.


Hebru engaged the design and production firm, Iron Bloom, to conceive of the experience and space, top-to-bottom, develop the narrative, and design the tactile aspects of Nevermore Park. Will Irons and Gabe Evansohn of Iron Bloom, longtime Figure Plant collaborators, brought us in to build three of the principal elements—what we call the fun stuff—a large retro mid-century rocket ship fabricated mostly from steel and aluminum; a full-scale replica of a Pullman train car and subway car made primarily of wood; and a 12-foot tall version of Lil Mama’s head, carved from eps foam—complete with an internal interactive LED environment for visitors to walk through. Being fluent in utilizing the variety of materials and methods that this project required, our team stretched their creative design and fabrication muscles and brought this large-scale dimensional art experience to life.


Nevermore Park is an extraordinary success—one that breaks down racial boundaries and lifts up the lives of black youth. We were honored to work on this important and exciting experience for such a gifted artist. Best of all, Nevermore Park’s initial run has been extended multiple times, and as of this writing is still open and delighting audiences. Photo credits: Nevermore Park Photos by Amy Lombard - and - Figure Plant Shop Photos by Greg Deboer “Magical… every detail is perfection and devoted to the art of Hebru.” -- Chicago Tribune “It creates a dreamlike setting for both children & adults. Go see this show! Bravo.” -- via Twitter “The city of Chicago has embraced Nevermore Park wholeheartedly.” -- via Twitter “Every section is engaging. The whole exhibit is simply stunning... Highly recommended!” -- via Twitter Photo credits: Nevermore Park photos by Amy Lombard // Figure Plant shop photos by Greg Deboer

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