U of O MK Arena Refresh

An extensive upgrade for the University of Oregon.

On game days, thousands of students, families, locals, alumni, and fans fill the Matthew Knight Arena to watch their men's and women’s basketball teams competeーand usually win. When the Matthew Knight Arena was constructed in 2009, it aimed to be the “best collegiate basketball venue in the country”. Now, after a decade, to stay relevant and competitive, the University of Oregon had to enhance the student-athlete experience with an extensive upgrade.


The new MKA experience starts as you walk in. Athletes and press alike are greeted with vibrant, green "O" with wings. At the equipment hub, current and custom UO Nike uniforms are displayed with green LED lights. Penny’s Pantry is refreshed with a new window frame and a green neon sign. We upgraded the locker rooms with custom lockers with personalized nameplates adorned with delicate duck cutouts. A giant green "O" hovers above the center of each locker room with the word “Family” encircling it like a game-day mantra. In the player's lounge, premium custom logo sculptures adorn the walls infusing a top-notch vibe into the room. One tour around the new Matthew Knight Arena will make any high school student-athlete want to play there.


Being a college athlete is an immersive experience as they train or play almost every single day. When those student prospects visit schools, they are choosing an arena, a locker room, a student lounge that they will be inhabiting almost every day for the next four years. Current and future UO basketball and volleyball players now have a state-of-the-art arena to train, play, and grow.

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