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GreenLight Media
“Make a vehicle that looks just like this thing here,” said Greenlight Media...
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“Make a vehicle that looks just like this thing here,” said Greenlight Media, the agency handling Logitech’s UE Boom campaign. Let’s see: Short lead-time–check! Tight budget–check! Quirky cartoon sketch requiring design, engineering, fabrication, and numerous on-the-fly decisions–check! Perfect! One custom promotional vehicle made to look like a blue-tooth speaker driving down the road, coming up!


After numerous design and engineering brainstorm sessions to discuss the donor vehicle options–tanker trucks, flat-beds, school buses, etc.–we decided that the best way to achieve an accurate replica was to start with a bare chassis from an RV. After sourcing an RV with the proper geometry that fit the budget, we stripped the body off and built up an all-aluminum skeleton, aluminum skin, and custom-woven aluminum mesh. Bonus features included a motorized gull-wing door, custom curved sliding side windows, color-matched automotive paint, and an 8-speaker stereo system to broadcast music to the world!


The Boom Bus made the circuit of major music festivals, retail locations and extreme sporting events across the nation delivering a face-to-face experience for thousands to touch, feel, and hear. An integral part of a dynamic campaign that included digital and social media marketing, it turned heads and, ahem, drove sales of the product!

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