Proven Strategies to Elevate Project Results

May 1, 2024
David Fredrickson

In the fast-paced world of advertising and marketing, the collaboration between creative teams and external vendors plays a pivotal role in the success of a campaign. As a leader in this dynamic environment, ensuring your creative team gets the results they want from vendors is crucial.

Here are the top 5 strategies to guide you in fostering productive partnerships and driving outstanding outcomes.

You know this, your teams know this, but it can be easily hurried or overlooked. Bottom line: the foundation of any successful project is a well-defined brief. As leaders, it's imperative to allow teams the time and effort to make briefs as clear and specific as possible. A simple Creative Brief outline:

  • Key Objectives
  • Target audience
  • Relevant Brand guidelines
  • Expected deliverables 
  • Detailed Renders (aka pretty pictures of what you want to make!) 

…stated with precision. 

A good brief minimizes the back-and-forth with your vendors, creates clarity, and saves everyone time. It should set a clear direction while ensuring that the creative output aligns with your vision from the get-go. 

Before engaging with a vendor, take the time to understand and vet their process from estimating through delivery. Look for vendors who have invested in a proven process for ideation as well as delivery. This means evaluating how they approach creative tasks, their methods for brainstorming, and their mechanisms for ensuring quality and innovation throughout the project lifecycle. A vendor with a structured and tested process is more likely to deliver consistent and high-quality results.

Effective communication is the lifeline of any successful partnership. Establish clear and open channels of communication with your vendors.

This includes:

  • Dedicated point person(s)
  • Regular check-ins
  • Feedback sessions throughout the project duration

Ensuring that there is a mutual understanding of expectations and progress at every stage helps identify issues early and keeps the project on track.

View your vendors not just as external entities but as collaborative partners. Encourage your creative teams to engage with vendors in brainstorming sessions and creative discussions. This collaborative approach not only enriches the creative process but also builds a sense of ownership and alignment towards the common goal. Leveraging the vendor’s expertise and insights can add significant value to your projects. 

Early collaboration = Efficient Estimating = Higher Quality + Lower Costs

Finally, establish a structured feedback loop that is well documented. Feedback should be constructive, specific, timely, and trackable. A well-implemented feedback loop helps in refining ideas, adjusting strategies, fostering accountability, and improving outcomes. Encourage your creative teams to articulate their feedback clearly and provide actionable insights that partners can implement. This not only ensures the final deliverables meet your expectations but also contributes to a continuous improvement cycle for future projects.

By integrating these strategies, advertising and marketing agency leaders can enhance their creative teams' collaboration with vendors, leading to innovative solutions and successful campaigns. Remember, the key to maximizing vendor relationships lies in clarity, communication, collaboration, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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